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Episode Review: The Acolyte Episode 3 - "Destiny"

Welcome back to the blog readers. The Acolyte is the next offering from Star Wars, and its two-episode premiere definitely showed some promise. From engaging characters to a story with loads of intrigue, I was definitely looking forward to what would be next. Now would this episode, titled "Destiny," written by Jasmyne Flournoy and Eileen Shim, and directed by Kogonada, continue the positivity and promise I saw in the first two episodes? Stick around to find out.

NOTE: I will be using spoilers for my thoughts, so DO NOT read ahead if you have not seen the episode.


There was definitely a whole lot of promise with the two-episode premiere, but there were some things that held the episodes back from being legendary entries into Star Wars lore. The intrigue definitely continues with this episode, which is a look at how Osha and Mae got to the place that they are in when we meet them in the premiere. There are things that this episode gets right, such as the performances of Lauren and Leah Brady as Osha and Mae and the overall story of the episode that basically sets up the main plot of the series.

I want to talk about the performances of twins Lauren and Leah Brady as Osha and Mae respectively. For child actors, and being in the entire episode, they brilliantly capture the spirit of Amandla Stenberg's dual role. And funny enough, they kind of look like them too. For what it appears we are getting, it appears to be a story about revenge and justice, which can be done well when it is done right. Back to the roles of the Brady sisters, Lauren as young Osha does a brilliant job of capturing the feeling of wanting something more than what she was destined for. And Leah as Mae does a fantastic job of channeling some dark emotions to match Mae's mood and reactions to her situation.

Next I want to talk about the performance of Jodie Turner-Smith. As the mother of Osha and Mae and the leader of a coven of witches that apparently illegally using the Force, her character of Mother Aniseya is definitely an interesting one so far. There seems to be a form of complexity to her character, and it is compelling to me. Based on the events of this episode, I do not think we will see her again, but there is always the possibility if we get more flashbacks, because the way she went out is kind of lame right now. I also think it is very controversial to bring back one of the most hated parts of the original trilogy (I'll give you a hint, it starts with an M and rhymes with didichlorians).

In terms of the story of the episode, I think it is a very well done introduction into the real meat of the character of Mae. Someone who felt so pissed off when her sister purposely passed the Jedi test and decided she wanted to become a Jedi, when she was the main force behind them getting inducted into the witch's coven in the first place. I can understand that level of betrayal she felt and why she would want to make those Jedi pay for taking her sister from her. I do, however, think that there is more to the story than what we know so far, and I definitely am looking forward to seeing what the crew has in store for us.

There is definitely something brewing, but I hope it is enough to be able to keep us invested going into the final legs of the series. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you for the next post.

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