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Episode Review: The Acolyte Episode 4 - "Day"

Welcome back to the blog readers. If I can be honest with you for a minute, The Acolyte has kind of been off to a slow start. I believe that there is some promise with the story, but the true shining star of this series thus far has been Lee Jung-Jae. Following an off-kilter kind of episode, would we get back on track with this episode, titled "Day," written by Claire Kiechel and Kor Adana, and directed by Alex Garcia Lopez? Stuck around to find out.

NOTE: I will be using spoilers for my thoughts, so DO NOT read ahead if you have not seen the episode.


I definitely think that this show has promise, especially since there are things in this show that I do like, especially the performances of Amandla Stenberg and the performance of Lee Jung-jae. But I think I have to agree with John Campea on his take, and I think that this is a poor episode in my opinion. The episode feels rushed, the direction of the story makes no sense, and it was such a rushed finale that I am starting to get nervous for what is to come.

I just want to say that the one shining star of this series continues to be the magnetic and energetic performance of Lee Jung-jae, who continues to impress me every week. It is clear to me that this is an actor that is talented as hell, and he does a masterful job at displaying emotions that a character like Master Sol can deliver. We see it in the scene where he is meeting with the other Jedi about what is to be done with Mae. Lee's poise makes him feel like the most important person in the room, and it is almost always hypnotic to watch.

I want to take a second go complain about the direction of the story in this episode. For one, people have decided that prequel character Ki-Adi-Mundi appears in the aforementioned meeting room, and I personally do not see it. I do believe the character is someone from his species, but I personally do not believe it is him. With that out of the way, the story of this episode literally made no sense. Why would Mae decide last minute to abandon her quest to kill Kelnacca all because she knows her sister is alive? And then her master, who we know literally nothing about apart from reference, just shows up out of the blue and bodies like seven Jedi and Osha? I'm sorry, but this episode kind of lost me there. The end of the episode was so rushed and should have gotten more time to breathe. Unfortunately, that could not happen because of the 27-minute runtime.

This is probably my shortest review ever, but episode 4 of The Acolyte was not a very good one to say the least. I really hope this series gets better because I had hopes for this show. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you for the next post.

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